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3 Ways to Use Bodyweight Calisthenics to Burn More Fat Than Your Regular Workout

April 16th, 2015 · No Comments · Bodyweight Workout

There is some debate among fitness professionals about the best way to burn fat. Some say long, slow, aerobic exercise is best. Some say high intensity interval training is the way to go. But bodyweight calisthenics? Until now, nobody considers the fat burning power of high intensity bodyweight workouts.

Let’s look a three ways you can use bodyweight routines to burn more fat than your regular workout. If you have tried long, slow cardio you probably didn’t get the results you wanted. And for some, the more effective interval training is too intense for their fitness level. But bodyweight calisthenics are a great choice for the beginner and advanced exerciser.

Do Morning Calisthenics To Boost Metabolism

First of all, metabolism refers to the chemical reactions of breaking down food into energy. And when you are sleeping your metabolism slows down. After all, you are not eating anything or exercising during your sleep (or at least you shouldn’t be).

So to kickstart your metabolism you should exercise. And the most accessible and useful forms of exercise in the morning is bodyweight calisthenics. So, when you wake up, a couple of quick circuits of bodyweight exercises and calisthenics gets your metabolism rolling and sets the pace for the rest of the day.

Important: the other thing you want to do to get your metabolism rolling is to eat breakfast.

Use Bodyweight Interval Training Instead Of Boring Cardio

Traditionally, many people turn to boring aerobic exercise to burn fat. If you’ve ever jogged on a treadmill or use an exercise bike for 20-30 minutes you know what I mean. Even though interval training is commonly held to be better at burning fat, many people still think aerobic cardio best.

But what if you combined your boring cardio with bodyweight intervals? Not only would your break up the monotony of the cardio workout, but you would burn more fat as well!

Here is what I mean. Suppose you are going to ride the exercise bike for 20 minutes. Every 5 minutes jump off the bike and do a quick circuit without rest of a lower body, upper body and core bodyweight exercise. Then get back on the bike and repeat for the full 20 minutes.

What this does is break up the breathing patterns and effort levels of your workout, making it harder. Harder work means more calories burned.

I would also contend that using your full body for your cardio actually builds a better, more muscular body. Plus, it is just more fun!

Juggernaut Training

First of all, Juggernaut? Yea, a Juggernaut refers to an unstoppable crushing force. And that is what you will become when you do these type of workouts. Plus, you’ll burn a ton of fat.

Much like the Bodyweight Interval described above, you are going to COMBINE resistance training with cardio training. But instead of just doing this for the “cardio” portion of the workout, you are going to do this for the ENTIRE workout.

Think of doing circuits of different bodyweight exercises alternated with traditional cardio. You end up doing strength exercises when under cardiorespiratory stress, and cardio exercises when under muscular stress. This make one tough workout. And also, the tougher the workout the more fat is burned.

If burning fat is a concern of yours, I think you can see bodyweight calisthenics are a great tool. Unfortunately, most people overlook bodyweight exercises as a fat burning tool, and end up never reaching their goals. I hope this article has shown you some quick ways to incorporate bodyweight calisthenics into your workout and reach your fat loss goals.



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